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eMaint Community and Public Knowledge base - Getting Started and Logging in

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Step by Step
We would like to introduce you to 2 new support tools:

1. The eMaint Public Knowledge Base - The public knowledge base does not require sign in, you can search and find articles and system documentation for solutions to your issues

2. The eMaint community - The eMaint community requires sign in. We are planning to develop this further in future but for now you can search articles, submit and vote on ideas for feature requests and for the very first time submit and track your cases.

The Public Knowledge Base
The Public Knowledge Base Can be accessed through the "Help Center" link in your X3 Account or through the "System Documentation" link in eMaint University. 


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A - Select Article Language, English or Spanish
B - Search for articles and system documentation
C - Narrow search using specific categories
D - When an agent is online click to Chat Live and  when "Chat Offline" is displayed you can click to leave a message and someone will contact you back as soon as possible.
E - Featured articles and Popular articles
F - Login to the eMaint customer community, in addition to searching the knowledge base from here you will be able to submit and vote on ideas and feature requests as well as directly submit and view your case history. 
G - Click on the eMaint badge to return to the Public Knowledge Base Homepage

Searching for Articles:

To find the article you are looking for you can use the search box (B), simply enter the term you wish to learn more about and hit search. Eg Work Order

1. Enter "Work Order" into the search box and hit "Search"

Result: All articles that contain the term "Work Order" sorted by relevance

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2. If you would like to Narrow Your Search to only show results from the Work Order Category eg Print Work Order

Fist Select Work Order From the Narrow Search Drop Down and then input "Print" into the Search box and hit "Search". 
This will bring up any articles in the Work Order category that contain the word "Print" sorted by relevance. (you can also 
simply search for "Print Work Order" without narrowing down the search)

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Logging into the new eMaint Community

The eMaint Community will allow you to search Articles, Submit and track the progress of your cases (Tickets) and submit and vote on feature requests and enhancements.

To use the eMaint community you will need your username (email) and password, if you did not receive an email with your credentials for the emaint Community you will either need to self register 
or contact support and we can assist you with this.

To access the community:

If you have already received a welcome email simply click on the link in the email to log into the eMaint Customer Community, you will be required to set a password.
After you have done this you will be brought straight to the emaint community. In future you will be able to access the Community via the eMaint Community Login button 
in the Public Knowledge Base as Shown below or via this link: https://emaint.force.com/helpcenter/login

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On the Login Page you have 3 options:

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A - Login with your user name (email) and password
B - If you have been registered but cannot remember your password you can have this reset by clicking on the forgot password? link
C - If you are not yet a member but would like to join you can self register by clicking on the "Not a member?" button.

Self Registration to the eMaint Community:

You can either click on the "Not a member?" link from the login page or follow the link below to access the self registration form:


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Fill out  the required information and hit on the "Submit" button. If you have entered the information correctly you will receive
an email with a link to login and set your password.

If you receive any error during registration this may be because your email address is already registered. Please either contact support or
use the forgot password link to retrieve your password reset link via email.




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