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Barcoding in eMaint with Android devices

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How do I scan barcodes with my Android device?


To use the barcoding on your Android device, please use the following steps:


1. First, download the barcode app for Android that is called Barcodescanner Keyboard (there's a free version and a paid version that costs $3.99 in the Play Store).



2. After downloading and installing the app, you will then need to go to your device Settings menu and tap on 'Language & Input'.



3. After tapping on 'Language & Input', you should then be able to checkmark the Barcode Keyboard as well tap on Default to then select the Barcode Keyboard as your default keyboard.



4. Once this is selected as your default keyboard, you can then access MX Mobile (m.emaint.com), login to your eMaint account and begin using barcoding on your device.

5. You can then use this to quickly find barcoded Parts, Assets and Contacts and perform different actions in eMaint (Create Work Orders and Requests, Make Part Adjustments, etc). The example below demonstrates the barcode keyboard being used to make a part adjustment.



NOTE: After tapping the textbox to find this part, your device should then display the new barcode keyboard in order to scan the barcode label. You will then use the icon at the bottom of the keyboard to initiate the barcode scanner to scan the item. Once scanned, the part number will then be automatically be pulled into the textbox and located in the X3 system.

Below is a video link that walks you through activating the app on your mobile device after installing it.


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